Fall of the Reaper
Fall of the Reaper

Fall of the Reaper


“You reap what you sow.”

An expression, an idea, as old as the Ancient Ones themselves, and while many mortals know the words, most don’t truly know what they mean—until they suddenly find themself a resident in the town of Samhain—then they find out EXACTLY what it means!

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Fall of the Reaper is The Wizard of Oz meets The Great Pumpkin, as seen through the eyes of a ghost story lovechild too scared to turn out the light, but too excited to stop reading.

Jankin, a scarecrow tortured by too many thoughts; Hobo Charley, the bewildered beast full of bravado; Donner an ice-cold killer more heartless than the Tin Man; and Vesper, perhaps the greatest pumpkin wizard of them all—all face off against The Doctor, the Candy Kids, the Abomination, zombies and everything else in the town of Samhain that’s out for tricks or treats.

Equal parts a phantasmagorical faery tale, supernatural love story, and macabre Halloween mythology, Mike Kelleher’s The Fall of the Reaper is a nonstop rollercoaster ride thru a horror-filled funhouse of revenge, retribution and redemption. It’ll thrill your senses, chill your spine, remind you of the plenipotentiary protective power of family, and it might just make you think twice about being naughty or nice next Halloween night.

Reapers, Gatekeepers and Grimms … oh my.

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