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Renegade Film Fest

March 3-6th

Well, Folks,

We are going to be attending the Renegade film Festival at 117 North Park Square Marietta, GA 30060. Come by to check out all the great films that made the list. 

This year we are a Rebel Sponsor of the film fest and have a really cool prize for the winner of Best Production Design. (I do believe we picked a great award.) Hit us up if you are going to be in the neighborhood! 

See ya there!

Fun E. Faces

We partnered from October 2016 - July 2017 with Trapped in Tahoe a privately owned escape room in South Lake Tahoe to bring one of the stories from the Tales of the Marquee to life.


Town of Samhain Residents

We reveal the origin story of Dahlia. Our interactive experience was customized for an immersive escape room in South Lake Tahoe. 

As of Mar 21, 2017

1,303 Partiers

Have Frowned Upsidedown 

Tonight a deranged psychopath is fixated on you. Dahlia's come unhinged because your party ruined her birthday surprise and took over her party room. Can you escape the controversial Fun E Faces establishment before it burns to the ground?


It is Oct. 31. Dahlia had FunEFaces party room booked till closing, but due to a clerical error, the room was double booked. Mr. Fun E. Face attempted to inform the little girl. However, when she couldn't get her way, Mr. Fun E Face removed his headpiece revealing Dalton, the performer. Dahlia had a psychotic breakdown following this reveal. She grabbed Dalton's keys and ran off; her parents rushed after thinking she ran out of Fun E Faces. Little did they know, she doubled back and hid in the utility room.

When Dalton retreats into the utility room for the show, Dahlia was waiting. She leaps out of a cabinet and bashes Dalton in the head with a hammer just as he sits down at the security desk. She tears out most of the pages of a nearby comic book titled: Tales of the Marquee. She attempts to set him on fire, takes his keys, and heads for the exit.

She will make them all pay for destroying her special day. Just as she slips off to the exit she hears the second party coming. She runs out the stage exit and locks it behind her just as your party enters the party room for the show…  

Town of Samhain

Halloween is a time to face your fears and have fun in the process—long as it doesn’t desecrate the season or the innocent.

When the sun sets, the line between practical and impossible become askew. Danika, a young woman will travel to another place filled with the weird, the spooky, and the terrifying. The past will haunt her, the accused will be Judged, and inner fears manifest in the Town of Samhain.


Genre Blast Film Fest (Script Simi-Finalist)

Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest (Best Special Effects Nominee)

Austin Revolution Film Fest (Official Selection)

Twister Alley Film Festival (Screenplay Finalist)


Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest (Winner Best Unproduced Screenplay)

Austin Revolution Film Fest (Winner)

Screamfest Horror Film Festival (Simi-Finalist)

Ojai Film Festival (Simi-Finalist)

Zed Fest Film Festival (Honorable Mention)


A Night Of Horror (Finalist)
A Night of Horror Film Festival
Fright Night Film Fest (official selection)
Fright Night Film Fest
(Official Selection)
Los Angeles Fear & Fantasy Film Festival (Best Screenplay)
Los Angeles Fear & Fantasy Film Festival
(Best Screenplay)